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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff07971 View Post
    Yes it can, Sdiesel77 used a USB FLirc becuase he did not want to do any soldering etc.

    Its done in a different way though, using lirc in PiCoreplayer

    EDIT: Its done with an IR Receiver though

    FYI - adding an IR receiver via GPIO pins to RPi does not necessarily need soldering (assuming it is not a headerless RPi Zero).
    I have done a couple just using push-on cables.
    Paul Webster
    Author Radio France (FIP etc) plugin

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    Great, thnx!
    SqueezeBoxes: 2x SB2 (Living room and study), 1x Radio (Kitchen), 1x Boom (Dining room), 1x piCorePlayer (jacuzzi), 1x piCorePlayer (Garden) 1x OSMC + Squeezelite (Movie room), 1x Touch (Bedroom)
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdiesel77 View Post
    Exact. On my new config, I replaced pop up menu remote button by Favourites on the same button.
    And changes Stop on mute button by Pause
    Flirc arrived, all done, no problems, easy when you know how, thanks to all.

    I programmed the Flirc with my Squeezebox Touch remote, as it was actually designed for the jivelite interface. Now I can control my pCP/LMS with any SB remote I choose (I have a few).

    It works perfectly from where I need to operate it without having it on the end of a USB extension lead.

    I've cancelled the JustBoom remote, I don't need it now, and it doesn't have enough buttons for me.
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    In car - RPi3B/pCP in AP mode > HiFiBerry DAC+ > car's audio (files on a 2TB USB drive)
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    I've got a Chord Qute EX, I currently have it on a j1900 based fanless system running Daphile, could not be happier.

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