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    Many problems with Squeexebox

    For some years I have had a Squeezebox music system, but I have not used it quite a lot, as there are always problems.

    I mention in common:

    When I restart my Mac, I will need to manually enter system settings to start the server, even though I have set it to "Start with the computer."

    Every time an update to Squeezebox arrives, which happens quite often, I lose the connection and I have to run this script:

    Kurts iMac: ~ kh $ sudo mkdir -p ~ / Library / Logs / Squeezebox
    Kurts iMac: ~ kh $ sudo chown $ USER ~ / Library / Logs / Squeezebox
    Kurts iMac: ~ kh $

    Why I do not know. It's annoying, but maybe necessary?

    I have a premimium subscribed to Spotify. I would like to play my purchased and downloaded music files in my Squeezebox, but Spotify does not appear as an option. I recall to remember that several years ago, one had to implement a third party plugin. In the meantime, an official / authorized plugin must have been developed?

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    Turn off automatic updates or only run the release version of LMS (not beta version).

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    and regarding Spotify ... look for the Spotty add-on - via Settings/Plugins - it is in the 3rd-party area.

    The official Spotify support stopped when Spotify made changes at their end.
    Spotty comes from the spare time work of Michael Herger who, in his paid work is at Logitech and has worked on LMS for years.
    Paul Webster
    Author Radio France (FIP etc) plugin

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