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    Many thanks for the super-fast response. Apologies for my misinterpretation of your instructions.

    1. Original convert.conf put back
    2. New custom-convert.conf created and saved as per instructions :set list seems to show just NL which I think is what is required. (file attached)
    3. Server re-started
    4. Debug player.source enabled from Server settings / Advanced / Logging [apply]
    5. Attempted to run BBC R4 on demand at 12:01- same as before: 'Connecting' on screen a brief flick of 'now playing' and then back to resting state.
    6. 30 second wait and log file zipped and downloaded from web interface (attached) - The action seems to kick off at 18-02-28 12:01:31.4587
    7. Debug turned off and applied
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