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    For those who dont see perl 5.34 after upgrading QLogitechMediaServer to 2.30.02.

    Logon to you`re QNap nas-system by ssh shell.
    Do [ cd /share/*/.qpkg/LogitechMediaServer ], [ ./QLogitechMediaServer.sh clean ] press y when reqeusted and [ ./QLogitechMediaServer.sh restart ].

    This will clean the LMS installation, but settings will be saved and the latest LMS installed ( depending on how you set UPDATE/NIGHTLY/DEVELOPERS, default NIGHTLY )
    For perl 5.34 in QLMS.conf the line "#PERL=0" must exist, and not a file called .PERL should be in the .qpkg/QLogitechMediaServer directory. [ ls -A ]

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    maintainer of QLogitechMediaServer, QOptware-NG and QAutoSub.

    Qnap TS-453a, with LogitechMediaSever 8.0.0 Nightly ( with spotty, youtube, Radio Paradise a.m. )
    Several raspberry with hifiberry amp+ and picoreplayer.
    Love logitechmediaserver for it flexibel way, to play music from different sources.

    Thanks for the DONATIONS

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