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Thread: Ickstream down?

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    Ickstream down?

    Is anyone else suffering from Ickstream deadness? (for Tidal)
    I can't even get to the Settings screen for the plugin on my server.

    Even parts of the Ickstream web site are down.

    Happily the old Tidal plugin on mysqueezebox.com is working

    [18-02-10 10:29:51.7310] Plugins::IckStreamPlugin::BrowseManager::__ANON__ (316) Failed to retrieve content services from cloud: Timed out waiting for data
    [18-02-10 10:29:51.7859] Slim::Utils::Timers::__ANON__ (273) Error: Timer Slim::Networking::Async::_async_error failed:
    [18-02-10 10:30:15.1366] Plugins::IckStreamPlugin::BrowseManager::topLevel (303) Retrieve content services from cloud using https://api.ickstream.com/ickstream-cloud-core/jsonrpc

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    Hi, our hosting provider did a maintenance earlier today, the service should now be up and running again.
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