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    7.9.0 Handling of compilations when browsing genres

    I've been experimenting a bit with this but don't understand the results.

    All Compilations identified as such appear under Compilations in the top menu. Home/Compilations But I have a couple of hundred compilations so that's a long list.

    Browsing Home/Genres/Reggae brings up a list of album artists. I was hoping and expecting reggae compilations to be grouped at the top of this list. But no.

    Home/Genres/Reggae/Various Artists brings up a list of all compilations with album artist value "Various Artists" but weirdly includes all genres not just reggae.

    Meanwhile Home/Genres/Reggae/All Albums/Various Artists brings up the same albums as above but this time the list is restricted to those of the reggae genre.

    However Reggae Compilations that have no value for Album Artist are not listed anywhere except Home/Compilations which of course includes all genres. Therefore for browsing compilations by genre it seems I must have Album Artist = Various Artists, or something other than blank.

    Is this a quirk of 7.9.0 or have I done something wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJanGo View Post

    i dont use 7.9 anymore instead 7.9.1 works pretty good.

    Are you using one list or two? ->settings->my music->the very top dropdown.

    There is a "hickup" when using two separate lists with the genre.

    Two lists. I'll try one though I quite liked having two!

    Re Various Artists, not really a deliberate choice. Upshot is I have some with and some without. The question, as usual, is figuring which to correct?

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