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    My android phone solution - cheaper than Raspberry Pi

    I am a long time Squeezebox owner - three complete units with the Logitech remote and player etc ...

    But trying to get into the 21st century I have now got working:

    Logitech Media Player on my PC (Windows 10)
    Squeezer App and Squeeze Player App on a cheap unpaid prepaid Android phone (Alcatel Pixi) that I bought from Walmart for $12
    Phone connects via Bluetooth to external speakers

    It all works fine when I start the apps separately and manually search/connect bluetooth. But I would like to somehow have an integrated app or solution to do this all with one press of a button. I am not using the phone as a phone - just as a remote control and smart player so would like to delete all extraneous apps and leave the "phone" clean for minimum power use.

    Any thoughts or pointers would be appreciated.

    ps mods since I made a similar post in 3rd party software please decide where is best if you don't like the duplication. Thanks.

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    Nice idea. Bluetooth should auto connect once paired and the apps should stay running once started, assuming you configure it to not lock and never go to sleep..

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    Maybe look at Tasker, it should be able to connect to Bluetooth and start the apps on power-on or screen unlock.
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