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    Quote Originally Posted by Shozzer View Post
    I recently changed the option in mp3tag so that the date stamp is not changed when I update tags so that these albums did not show up in New Music. However, you need to make sure that when backing up files you use software that will detect changes in the tags and not just look for changed date stamps. Otherwise you could find that if you had to restore from a backup all updated tags are lost.
    Good point, thanks for posting.

    I always allow mp3tag to change the date stamp, I don't mind if tweaked music files/albums appear in "New Music".
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    Quote Originally Posted by kidstypike View Post
    With "preserve file modification time when saving files" unchecked, I renamed the title tag of the first track of an album to "Track renamed"

    Attachment 24487

    Rescanned my music library, the album does not appear under "New Music".

    The track name change has been picked up though.

    Attachment 24488

    However, changing the filename to match the new track title does bring the album to the top of the "New Music" menu.

    Attachment 24489

    Checking "preserve file modification time when saving files" will not modify the files timestamps, and any changes will not show up in new music.
    I hoped you just know the answer without having to test it... Thank you very much! So it's the combination of a new filename with a new timestamp that moves the whole disc up in time. (Because "timestamp" was thrown around I'll assume that just renaming the file (and a rescan) wouldn't move it up in the list.) Interesting, not what I expected.
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    A freeware tool called "BulkFilechanger" is a very handy addition to a taggers library of software


    After you have done some tag editing you can use it to re-stamp your files with say a 5 second increase on the original time stamp.

    This causes LMS to see it as a more recent file than the original and thus re-scan it into the library but not to throw it into New Music.
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