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    Squeezebox help....

    Hi Michael.

    Don't know if you can help me with a squeezebox boom Mac Address: 00:04:20:xx:yy:zz which I purchased recently mainly just for spares as it had 2 blown speakers but it works well otherwise, when I started it up, the previous users account appeared to be set up on the device as it played radio stations clearly used by the previous user, I tried a reset with no difference. I asked the previous owner for him to remove it from his devices on MySb to which he stated he had never connected the boom to MySb, he gave me his log on details which confirmed the unit had never been connected.... The device is connected to something but don't know how to disconnect from its previous user for it to then prompt me to connect with my details, any ideas how I do that without having to contact Logitech which can take quite a while to resolve problems like this...

    Any help is greatly appreciated, would be a shame for a useable boom to be scrapped....

    Thanks, Rob
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    Hi Rob,

    I removed the player from our database. You should be able to assign it to your account.

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