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    Ultralight LMS skin v0.2.0 released

    Download/installation instructions in the main readme.

    What's new:

    • Add menu with media library search.
      • Drag search results from menu into playlist (not on small or touch screens).
      • Play/enqueue multiple selected search results at once.
    • Limited library browsing from search results and playlist entries.
    • Click/touch icon to show song info for playlist or menu item.
    • Larger playlist icons on small screens for better touch interaction.
    • Album and artist names in player are now clickable links.
    • Sticky menu button and player controls (top control bar).
    • Add button to delete playlist items.
    • Fix cannot drag/drop before first or after last item in playlist.

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    Works great both on my iPhone and as a chrome-app window.

    A few commenst/ideas/requests right of the bat...
    - Volume bar is not that intuitive, is it possible to use a long ramp instead?
    - an additional dark theme?
    - As a chome-app I use it as a side bar and could make use of an even more narrow layout.
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