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    7.9.1 track does not play until end

    I tried to find if this was already reported or discussed somewhere else but could not find anything. Please excuse if it is a duplication.

    I recently updated the Squeezeserver on my Synology NAS to Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.1 - 1504317335 and it seemed to work fine. However, rather randomly, tracks stop playing and jumping to the next one.
    It does not always happen but more often than not.

    Is there already a solution for this?

    Thanks and regards,


    I guess I do not necessarily have to understand this but pretty much with the moment of my post the problem seems to have disappeared. What I did in the meantime was restarting the server on the NAS, rescanning the library and then running some tests on hardware players (Boom, Radio, Touch, Android phone with SB player) where nothing happened at all. I forgot to say that the skipping of the tracks happened on a headless slimserver running on Windows
    10 as a service.
    So I really dont know what is/was going on but for now the problem seems to be solved, again....

    I would like to take this as an opportunity to thank EVERYONE who constantly provides updates, new plugins, support for this audio system. I was very disappointed when Logitech dropped this and afraid, for a while, that at some point all my players (a lot) would become useless and a great system would disappear. I saw friends switching to other system which I never liked and which offered just a fraction of the versatility at a much higher cost. With all the developments to this date I think the SqueezeWorld is more alive than ever before and running all this on a variety of different hardware (Raspberry Pi, NAS, Windows etc) and making it pretty much independent from Logitech and their business model makes it THE BEST streaming system out there. Keep it up. Your work is great and the community is a killer!

    EDIT 2:

    HARHARHAHR,,,,and now after listening to music for 2 hours it just happened again....what can I say
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