I need a new Touch A/C adapter to "fix" my remote control sensing issue, as noted in another thread. Rather than buying another OEM adapter, I'd prefer to get a medical grade linear power supply (vs. one of the $250+ audiophile grade ones). I found this Inventus (formerly Elpac) linear supply which I believe has the proper barrel plug... https://www.mouser.com/productdetail...Nm0V6T%2FZI%3D

However, it puts out 4A at 5V, vs. the OEM Logitech 3A at 5V. My vague electrical knowledge says this would be OK, as the Touch will only "pull" the current it needs. However, I want to confirm that this linear power supply won't "brick" my Touch when I plug it in.

If this particular linear supply won't work, please recommend another Inventus/Elpac model.