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1 . C seems OK to me, not easy to give an opinion without testing...
Or.... You could also add these fullscreen options in the sandwich menu at the top left (which contains only "exit" button ). This sandwich menu could also contains every buttons of the window bar ("Squeezelite-X settings" and "mini player" button).

So pressing this sandwich button could display a menu like this :

  • Squeezelite-X Settings
  • Main Player layout
  • Now Playing layout
  • Mini Player layout
  • Hide Titlebar
  • Stay on top
  • Minimize Window
  • Exit

With this menu the title bar of the window become almost optional (just need an area at top for the mouse dragging of the window). It's just an idea but it would lighten the interface and you could gain a line in height.

2. Yes it is probably more on Material skin side, it could be interesting for other autonomous linux player too... So may be Craig will take a look to my issue... I have always been annoyed by this lack of this functionality on Squeezebox touch and Squeezebox radio : I don't like to see the main menu when I send a playlist remotely to my Squeezebox.

3. seems more complex than I though... This kind of parameter here to specify the language cannot help ?
Titlebar - Well, there is no sandwich menu without the titlebar, so to keep the sandwich menu I would have keep the title, perhaps with no other buttons, which does not save any space.

Language - Yes that is what I implemented, and it did not help with the screen saver like I expected it would.

R Greg Dawson