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    Quote Originally Posted by rgdawson View Post
    I believe the Klipsch speakers are mimicking a USB keyboard media key press. SLX intercepts those key presses and then sends the appropriate commands to the LMS server for the player, so that is why that works.

    I don't have any experience with the PiCorePlayer, but it would need to have software running on it that would essentially do the same thing. I'm guessing not. But you could test it by plugging a USB keyboard into the piCorePLayer and trying out the media keys.

    R Greg Dawson
    PicorePlayer essentially uses the Linux-build of SqueezeLite, and optionally JiveLite, which is a GUI based on the SBT interface. It responds to USB keyboard commands and LIRC infrared commands which emulate the keyboard commands, so it's quite possible it will work in exactly the same fashion.
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    Hm, that would be nice. The klipsch speaker has very good reviews and looks awesome
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