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    I have noticed that if I remote desktop into my home machine and I configure Squeezelite-X to use a specific output device, "Remote Audio [Windows WASAPI]"), then disconnecting the remote session (while not signing out) causes squeezelite-win.exe to terminate. It apparently does not like its WASAPI output device disappearing on it. Interestingly, if I select "Remote Audio [Windows DirectSound], squeezelite-win.exe does not terminate when I disconnect the remote session. I'm wondering if your startup issue is related to output device. Do you have a specific output device selected, or are you using default. Do you get the error with output device = default?

    [Edit...] Running some more experiments, I have observed that if there is something wrong with the output device (not ready, not there), squeezelite-win.exe will start OK, then terminate itself. I had code to capture that case, but was only giving a certain amount of time to detect it. My code would check and make sure squeezelite-win.exe was still running after 1 second and assume all was good. But my experimentation has found that sometimes it takes longer than that. So I am thinking the behavior you saw where squeezelite-win.exe terminated was such a case and that you have an output device other than default selected, just a guess. I'm working on better code to handle this case without causing too much delay in startup.

    R Greg Dawson
    I am afraid that my sound output is set as Default - never changed that parameter.
    I have tried the repair option which has fixed the start up issue - I will monitor the situation.

    many thanks
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