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He said in this thread ...
"In the pCP TWEAKS page, I put two commands:"
which is why I answered like I did.
If talking about me, I am runnining pCP 3.22 + Jivelite on a Rpi3 + the official 7'' LCD touch.
The problem was: whenever I boot the Rpi3, at the end of the process, internet radios are not avaialble and become available just after LMS restart.
The root cause has been identified on a problem on the local DNS that is my router, but I am not able to solve it.

Inserting 10 second of delay in starting the LMS... seems PERFECT and for sure much better than stopping and starting again the LMS because in this way I have also to quit the GUI and reopen it.

pCP is a GREAT piece of solution.

I am now waiting for the DSD native support, not only DoP.