I'm running a Raspberry Pi3 and PiCorePlayer 3.22 with a HifiBerry-Amp2 on top. Everything is basically working fine - I just recognised two things:

(1) As long as the Pi is connected to WiFi and LAN at the same time the Shairport is not visibel on the IOS devices. As soon as I disconnected the LAN cable the Shairport name was visibel.
This is just to let you know if anyone has the same problem

(2) If I try to toggle from SB-Radio to play music via Shairport - this is working fine but the orther way from Shairport back to SB-Radio is not working.
- I'm stopping the playback on the IOS device (different IOS versions)
- disconnection the IOS device and toggle back to internal speaker of the device.
- trying to switch on the radio playback via Logitech Media Server
(or start / stop the radio, load new radio station and start, ...)

Has anyone the same behavior and knows a solution for that?

If I reboot the PiCore - than I directly can play any music or radio for the LMS directly.

Thank you