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    Quote Originally Posted by martin@gregorie.org View Post
    On Sun, 2018-01-07 at 01:25 +0000, jonblauch wrote:
    > However, the issue started when I got
    > a new computer, so that would be highly coincidental.

    Are you sure your music files were correctly installed on the new
    computer? The log shows:

    - refusals to handle files because DRM: are the access
    permissions and file ownership correct on these files?

    - play lists pointing to missing music files.

    > What should I try next?

    Try fixing those problems before rescanning.
    think this would really cause the problem I am seeing? My device reboots no matter what song/album I play? Not sure spending the energy to fix the scanning problems will help here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonblauch View Post
    All signals seem to point to this conclusion. If that is the case, given the product is discontinued, what are people doing? Buying used stuff on Ebay, or taking a jump to another platform ( aka Sonos)?
    If the problem is the Wifi card - you can open the Sb3 up with a Torx screwdriver and remove the card. IF the SB3 doesn't reboot - then a replacement wifi card is usually only about $5-10. It may even just need reseating not replacing.

    If the problem is the PSU - a replacement PSU is quite cheap and worth trying before considering an alternative device.

    See to replace WLAN card see http://lowtek.ca/roo/2011/squeezebox-classic-repair/
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    The SB3 can work without the WiFi card if you run it wired .

    People replace the power supplies .

    Buy used SB Touch for example .

    And very popular build their own based on a raspberry pi 3 + DAC or digital output card and load “ picoreplayer” on it this a ready made OS and Squeezelite player ( and more ) you can burn on an SD card and stick into a raspberry pi 3 .

    Use Phillips different bridge plugins and run foreign players .....

    Rummage your pile of spare players you bougth and old player you replaced
    Main hifi: Touch + CIA PS +MeridianG68J MeridianHD621 MeridianG98DH 2 x MeridianDSP5200 MeridianDSP5200HC 2 xMeridianDSP3100 +Rel Stadium 3 sub.
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    Kitchen: Touch + powered Fostex PM0.4
    Misc use: Radio (with battery)
    iPad1 with iPengHD & SqueezePad
    (spares Touch, SB3, reciever ,controller )
    server HP proliant micro server N36L with ClearOS Linux


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    Seems to me you have at least one issue possibly 2, maybe even more and plenty of doubt...

    But the main 2 are:

    You've changed your LMS hardware (PC) and have doubts about the server build


    Your player is crashing regularly - is it the player? or the new server build?

    So here's how I would handle this...

    First verify your server build without using your existing player, there are two ways to do this, fairly cheap or free.

    1. Download SqueezePlay (free software based Squeezebox player) for your PC, install it and connect it to your server and spend some time testing and listening to your music via SqueezePlay on your PC to prove all is OK with the server build and music.

    2. If you have a smartphone or tablet, buy iPeng or SqueezePad (IOS) or SqueezePlayer (Android), all can be used as players, (both IOS ones also as excellent controllers), you can connect to your server and test as per 1.

    If you still have problems with either of the above then we need to fix those issues before moving onto your SB2 issues, so report back on what happens when testing with 1. or 2. above.

    Note at this stage I'll agree with previous posters that somethings not quite right with your scanner log, I've never used Onedrive, but I have seen issues posted here on the forum where someone was using a cloud based service that wasn't keeping all the files locally, maybe this is what's changed on your new build.., Onedrive hasn't locally cached (all) your music files and streaming (some of) them from the cloud is causing the SB2 to fail.

    So now let's say - all is well with the server and you are feeling happier to move forward with your SB2, so fix or replace?
    Some good advice has already been given re PSU and WiFi card fixes... But replacements...

    Yes buying used on eBay is an option, I have quite a few "spare" units I've picked up from eBay to give my system a future, prices vary from time to time and depending on model but they generally still hold a decent price which shows the continuing strength of the Squeeze ecosystem.
    There are also new options available in the form of Raspberry Pi builds emulating squeezebox players, have a look at Max2Play shop online https://shop.max2play.com/en/ to get some ideas of what's possible, there's plenty of help here in the forum on building your own if you want to have a play yourself, PiCoreplayer as well as Max2Play being good player setups on raspberry Pi's.

    If you wanted to you could also take it a step further with Raspberry Pi's, both of the above player solutions also run as servers - so no need to have that large power sucking PC chugging away in the background when you are sitting back relaxing listening to music - but I very much suspect that will be for another day.

    or you can cut your losses and head over to your nearest Sonos stockist, no idea what if any advantages that has, I last compared the two systems back in 2009, I went with Squeezebox and haven't looked back since, still one of the best "gadgets" I've ever bought (5+ players spread around my house). A couple of years ago I bought two used SB Radios and a Raspberry Pi and set up a system for my sister, ripped her music collection, she loves it, replaced her failing DAB radio and iPod Touch on a Bose Sounddock. A month ago I picked up an SB Touch and hooked that up to her TV Soundbar in her lounge, all her music in 3 rooms now for under £300

    Hope the above helps

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