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    Quote Originally Posted by Videopac View Post
    Indeed, TuneIn adds additional information to the stream which the direct stream doesn't (or isn't handled by LMS).

    However, ideally I would like to bypass TuneIn: There is always a risk of unavailability and I try to reduce the amount of data I provide to data collectors (what is the business model of TuneIn?).
    Swings & Roundabouts - It is more likely that Tune-in URLs will always work - stations can change format, CDN and then your local URL will have to be manually updated.

    IIRC by manually editing the favorites OPML you can manually add a icon to be didsplayed in favorites list . This icon may be displayed when station is playing but there are circumstances where it won't

    Business model is probably mixed. Charge fees to broadcasters and also get a cut of ad revenue for insertion of ads in pre-roll and other places based on number/type of listeners (i.e. good stats).

    Broadcaster gets access to a wider audience, added metadata and possibly can pay extra to become "featured" (i.e. first results of a search) or other promotion.


    If you are worried abotu data collectors - just save a Tunein URL as favorite but edited to remove the username param
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