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    Switch Libraries remotely

    Generally we listen to internet radio on our SBT, we do this directly to their ip not through an app like tunein or accuradio. I have an external hard drive with my digitized records done in FLAC. This is hooked directly to the SBT through USB. I have lost the SBT remote (it is somewhere in this house but who knows where). Anyway to play my digitized music on the External drive I have found I have to switch libraries. I am lazy (and besides I have a cat on my lap) so don't want to get up and touch my way through the menu on the SB to get to the external drive. Is there an android app that you guys are aware of that can do this? I have tried the logitech app, squeeze commander, squeezetrol (which works great for the internet radio but nothing else) Squeezer would work once library is switched. even my media server on my computer doesn't see the external hard drive to switch to it. Am I doing something wrong or is there no way around having to get up and touch my way to switch libraries (How lazy we have become )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smudgeboss View Post
    How lazy we have become )
    Yet how much effort we put in to ensure our laziness
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    1. all of the Apps you mention (except LogitechĹs) should support that.
    2. you should be able to listen to Radio from the library you use with the HD drive, too, you should not have to switch.
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