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    I wonder if this is why I went to start the Squeezebox Control Panel and Windoze reported that Squeezeboxcp.exe no longer existed on my system. I had to reinstall to get it back.

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    Seing the same issue since updating to new Kaspersky (Version f) EVEN with my old version (7.9.1 r1504317335) - it is blocked and deleted by Kaspersky cause of "PDM: Trojan.Win32.Generic" and "unusual behaviour".
    So it seems to be a problem of Kaspersky - I'll try to add LMS to the exceptions till it's solved...

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    I'm pleased to report that Kaspersky Total Security 2018 has happily let me install the latest build of LMS 7.9.1 - 1515216179 without flagging it as infected with malware.
    LMS 7.9.2 | Touch | Boom | Boom | SB3

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    Just adding that I too had the same problem with Avast Business Security which cancelled the download of LogitechMediaServer-7.9.1-1513951369 stating it contained malware. However version 7.9.1-1515216179 downloaded and installed without issue.

    Windows version in both cases.

    EDIT: version 7.9.1-1515659378 also downloaded and installed without issue.
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