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How can I determine that?
After the next freezing I plan to connect my SBR to a LAN cable for several days and see if the problem still occurs. I only don't have LAN at the usual location of the SBR.

By the way: you mentioned to uninstall applets. I think no applets are installed.
The more I look at the log - the more it looks like everything is "normal" (i.e. I have seen similar logged messages on my SBR after connecting/disconnecting LMS / mysqeueezebox.com ) - just there is some sort of network disruption which needs to be characterised before it can be fixed.

The usual way to get jmore info is to enable better logging through SBR Menu Settings/Advanced/Logging

If squeezebox.server is set to DEBUG - the status of LMS / mysqueezebox.com connection is shown at intervals and if it changes messages are logged.

To see the state of the network connections you could enable net.socket to DEBUG but this generates lots of messages but it should "pinpoint" any Wifi disconnection issue.

I'd advise try setting squeezebox.server to DEBUG first.