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Are there any known issues using the -m option? or any special mac adresses to be avoided?

I have more squeezelite installations and could ony separate them using special mac adresse in -m options.

Do you think crashed are caused by -m option?

thanks t

its more the -o i would try all the USB Devices like front:CARD=Device,DEV=0

and -m i do have plenty of rpis with squeezelite and most of them are build exactly like another.
Using -m would always end in a mess when copying a sd card to another system.

And -m is also called faking a mac address - i dont like fakes no boobjobs no turbo badges on a granny car.
Its the same with noobs in batchscript using @echo off in the first line and didnt knew what their doing and asking for help cause of the crashes..