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    Ripping Vinyl to FLAC/mp3 etc

    In Music there was a short discussion of the gear that can be used to convert a Vinyl LP to digital formats and the do & dont's so rather than hijack that Forum I thought I'd repost the various pieces of hardware discussed with a few comments which people can then add to as required.

    USB Turntable - only consider this if you haven't already got a turntable.

    If you have a Turntable.
    Behringer UCA202 from a tape loop. This is a line level 2 way USB soundcard that operates at 16/44 or 16/48. Virtually all Laptop/PCs detect it as both a USB recording & USB speaker device. Powered over the USB connection.
    Behringer UFO202. This is similar to the UCA202 but can be used with a turntable that requires a pre-amp. Its input is switchable between Line & Phono level. Like the UCA202 it is powered via the USB connection. This means that it can't really be used as just a pre-amp for your Turntable as it won't have power unless connected to your Laptop/PC.
    Digital recorder e.g. Roland R-05. A handheld portable device that you would connect to the Tape Out of your amp via 2xPhono to 3.5mm jack. This is a line level only device as far as I can tell. The Roland is no longer made but there are similar products available e.g Tascam AR05.

    Personally I use a Behringer UCA202 in one location and a Behringer VMX200USB in another. The VMX200USB (and its baby brother VMX100USB) is a DJ Mixer with two way USB connection - it has the adavantage of being separetely powered. Like the UCA & UFO it will do 16/44 and 16/48.

    I use VinylStudio with some post FLAC processing in mp3tag
    Others use Audacity which is Free but IMHO much harder work.
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