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    The 30 min. or 1800 sec is defined in the LMS code. So it looks like LMS can' t find your Pioneer after 1800 sec.
    What puzzles me is that on the mediaserver on the MACmini its more than 30min. If it were always 30min I would think its this TTL running out.
    Also I thought the Pioneer (as the media renderer) would actively look for media servers to display. So if a timeout is running out in LMS, why would this cause the media renderer to not display the server anymore.
    I would think it looks for servers periodically. The only thing could be that the LMS mediaserver does not reply to the search request of the Pioneer anymore after the timeout.

    In LMS you have the option to take a log:

    I have been taking logs, with that setting. Can I send those logs for someone to look at?

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    Is there anything new on this issue? Got the same problem with my Onkyo TX-8270.

    My LMS runs on a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo V1 (sparc). Any other clients like a pretty cheap no-name hybrid radio or several smartphone apps can see the DLNA media server named "Logitech Media Server" and play music from it. Unfortunately, my TX-8270 can't. It says "no server".

    I also tried running the media server coming from Netgear (MiniDLNA) an my NAS and there were no problems with it. It didn't disappear from the AV receiver's server list. How could this difference between the two server applications be explained?

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