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    Thanks for your help. I decided to go with a HiFiBerry Amp2

    Quote Originally Posted by Man in a van View Post
    No expert me and 3 years younger than yerself

    A completely self contained unit can be built on a rpi3b, using picoreplayer and LMS using something like this


    This is a good reliable Dac-hat for a raspberry pi.

    It also features a separeate headphone output which is of better quality than the basic one on the rpi3.

    The audio outputs can be connected to an integrated amplifier or to Active Speakers (in the case of the latter, care should be exercised with the volume control)

    I have used a similar setup with Acive Mackie Speakers (which feature an auto-sensing switch on facility) Speakers and rpi all plugged into the same power bar, switched on and off at the wall, configured to play a favourite radio station at switch on, works very well).


    Edit: IQaudio also do cases
    This is the link:

    This is a DAC and an AMP.
    I already have passive speakers and the power will probably be a power supply from a dead laptop.

    I have learned a lot and your help pointed me in the right direction.

    Once again ... Thanks.

    I'm looking into using Max2Play instead of Picoreplayer ... it is closely tied into the HiFiBerry system.
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    This is my current working setup.

    parts list:

    Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers
    Monoprice 24k Gold Plated Speaker Banana Plugs, Closed Screw Type
    AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire
    Conwork 2-Pair 2mm Banana Plug Screw Type Audio Speaker Cable Connector
    HighPi Raspberry Pi Case
    HiFiBerry Amp2
    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Motherboard
    VicTsing Gold-Plated HDMI to VGA Converter Adapter
    Cable Matters Gold Plated VGA Monitor Cable with Ferrites 6 Feet
    22" VGA Monitor
    Logitech Mouse USB Corded
    Logitech Keyboard USB Corded

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    I can't believe how good this sounds!

    I hear stuff in songs that I never heard before. my music sounds so much better than active Logitech speakers out of the 3.5 audio.There is more volume than I can use.

    I am keeping this setup for myself, the next one will be for my daughter.

    Thanks for your help.

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