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    Windows 10 update broken squeezelite?

    My desktop PC is set up with Squeezelite but after the recent (large) Windows 10 autumn update, it does not play any sound. I have investigated and found out that the squeezelite service is running fine and the LMS web interface shows the instance of Squeezelite and seems to be playing normally. But no sound comes out. I have tried various sources - radio, local file- nothing. Various reboots, restarting squeezelite - no progress.

    All the other endpoints in the house (RPi/PiCorePlayer) all work fine and the PC plays sound fine from other applications as one would expect.

    The only anomaly I can see is that Volume Mixer does not show an unidentified Playback Application as I think it used to.

    Has anyone else had this issue with the Win 10 upgrade? It might be co-incidental but its got me flummoxed at the moment. Grateful for any advice to get it going again.

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    in my office i have to deal with Win 10 for some time right now.

    Therefore i can tell:

    Take 5 identical Systems with identical Hardware & Software
    Update all of them to a (not only "the") later Version of /edit Windows 10 \edit.
    3or 4 of them are different to 1 or 2 after the same (not only 1709) Version is upgraded.

    These Windows upgrades may work but must not.

    So reinstall the part thats lost after the upgrade.
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    Worked it out.

    Thanks DJanGo. There was nothing really to re-install as I just had squeezelite running as a service following this method. http://forums.slimdevices.com/showth...8-step-by-step

    But looking at the step-by-step guide again got me thinking and I checked the output device mappings using squeezelite-win.exe -l

    Whereas before the Win10 update my HD Audio Output was at Device No 3, it is now at Device No 8. No 3 is now a SPDIF Audio Out which I don't have connected.

    So I just changed the batch file squeezelite.bat to read
    squeezelite-win.exe -o 3 -n squeezeWIN -s

    and it works again. Don't know why the update remapped the device numbers but it's sorted now. Hope this might help someone else.

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    Just FYI, output devices will also map differently when using Remote Desktop.

    R Greg Dawson

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    You can also use the device name with -o

    C:\Programs>squeezelite-win -l
    Output devices:
      4 - Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output [MME]
      5 - Speakers/Headphones (Realtek Hi [MME]
      6 - Headset Earphone (Logitech USB  [MME]
      11 - Primary Sound Driver [Windows DirectSound]
      12 - Speakers/Headphones (Realtek High Definition Audio) [Windows DirectSound]
      13 - Headset Earphone (Logitech USB Headset) [Windows DirectSound]
      14 - Speakers/Headphones (Realtek High Definition Audio) [Windows WASAPI]
      15 - Headset Earphone (Logitech USB Headset) [Windows WASAPI]
      20 - Speakers (Realtek HD Audio output) [Windows WDM-KS]
      23 - Headset Earphone (Logitech USB Headset) [Windows WDM-KS]
    C:\Programs> squeezelite-win.exe -o "Headset Earphone (Logitech USB Headset) [Windows WDM-KS]" -d all=debug
    [07:39:53.784] stream_init:294 init stream
    [07:39:53.784] stream_init:295 streambuf size: 2097152
    [07:39:53.784] output_init_pa:493 init output
    [07:39:53.784] output_init_pa:513 requested latency: 0
    [07:39:53.909] output_init_common:347 outputbuf size: 3528000
    [07:39:53.909] output_init_common:371 idle timeout: 0
    [07:39:53.956] output_init_common:411 supported rates: 48000 44100 11025 8000
    [07:39:53.956] _pa_open:330 opened device 23 - Headset Earphone (Logitech USB Headset) at 44100 latency 85 ms
    [07:39:53.971] decode_init:153 init decode

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    Good tip! Having fixed the squeezelite - output device mapping problem I discovered that none of the other audio applications worked. Seems to be a known problem with Windows updates. I uninstalled the audio driver and rebooted so it reinstalled properly. That fixed all the other applications but broke squeezelite again as it had changed the mapping to some other number.

    So, I have now set up 'squeezelite-win.exe' with the device name rather than the device number. Hopefully that will prevent any future upgrade nonsense.

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