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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Erskine View Post
    hi mroerup,

    We do usually list major changes in "News". Looks like AP mode was added in piCorePlayer 3.5.0.


    So it is....Sorry for the unnecessary buzz !!! Guess I was looking/searching for "access point" and not "AP".

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    Wap mode on raspberry zero w

    As mentioned, access point mode can be installed and configured via wifi web page.

    My problem is: This button is disabled by default if wifi is on.

    beneath the disabled button "Wap Mode" there is a comment sayin "Disable wifi client above to enable this button."

    ok, i have a raspberry zero w. if I disable wifi, of course i cant connect to the webinterface again so i can not setup wap mode.

    Tried to remove the "disabled"-Property from this button via google-inspector, then i could press the "wap mode"-button and setup wap mode, but as expected this did not work really (I also set wifi to "on" inside the mydata.tgz)

    I would like if the "wap mode" button is NOT disabled by default and a click on this button manages everything (removing the previous wifi settings).

    is this a possible feature?

    Best Regards, Dirk

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    You will need to connect USB Ethernet device to do that configuration.
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    Thanks, this worked.

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