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    Not yet. Too much to do, not enough time.

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    Hi paul-

    I also would like to test and use it a raspberry zero.
    Could you please make aversion for this one too if you find the time?

    Thanks in advance!


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    mac addresses

    Thanks so much for making this available!!

    For anyone who has it almost working, but seems like there is a disconnect between squeezelite and LMS, it could be that pCP is using the wired mac address while your squeezelite instance is on the wireless mac address. I manually set the squeezelite mac address to my wired mac address and now they are in sync.

    (Greg - see I remembered about the diagnostics pages for a change.)

    Thanks again Paul!!
    As always, all you pCP guys rock!!

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    hi rmac321,

    From my experience, I believe squeezelite will use wired Ethernet if it is given the choice of wired or wifi.

    So the pCP web interface also does the same thing, ie given a choice of wired or wifi it will use the wired IP address. Although you can access the web interface via either IP address.

    LMS seems to use the appropriate MAC address to create a player instance. So if you have a wired and a wifi connection you could have 2 tabs exist in pCP with the same squeezelite player name. LMS handles this situation and will clean out the unused one after a while.

    Now when you add apmode to the equation, I am not sure what will happen. Seems like it adds another level of complication that we don't specifically handle.

    Another complication is if you have 2 wifi connections. squeezelite will pick the one that sees LMS first. This can change from reboot to reboot.


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    In my case rather than having 2 tabs, I had zero player tabs in pCP. The only tab showing was LMS. Looking at the LMS web interface info page I was able to determine that the LMS web interface was interacting with the wireless mac address. From the LMS interface I could start and stop the player that was outputting to my DAC. Eventually I figured out from the TFT/jivelite that there were two identically named players.

    The key was on the diagnostics pages. On the Diagnostics->Raspberry Pi tab/page, I came across "Controls MAC" and it was set to the wired mac address. Based on that I tried manually setting the squeezelite mac address to that address. Hence the next Eureka! moment. After setting the mac address I then had 2 player tabs in pCP. More importantly, I could set my autostart properties so the player would start playing pretty quickly after power up.

    Took the new experimental setup for a ride in the car last night. pCP in the car - woo hoo!

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    I thought I'd mention that I changed the default ssid, since I thought it might be inviting trouble driving around in a car broadcasting "pCP". I started to change it to "rolling-pCP" - but that seemed even more likely to invite attention...

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    The integrated version will make it easier to adjust the SSID and password. This is a WPA2 encryption, so I wouldn't worry about the SSID being "inviting"

    Setting the addresses like you did is the best way to do it, there is some startup timing that confuses the auto detection. I might look into that down the road.

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