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Thread: Preamp advice

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    Thanks Tex

    You have alerted me to another issue with the ART that I hadn't spotted.
    Its an ADC only and not a combined ADC/DAC which the Behringer DJ Mixer is.
    The ART also requires purchase of a separate power adapter and although it has good write ups I wonder whether it is sufficiently heavy - I suspect it might be easily possible to accidentally pull it out of position with a pair of headphones.
    I have looked at both the Project & Rega preamps already and they both fall short as they are also ADCs only and don't have a headphone out.

    The Behringer UFO-202 mentioned earlier is 2 way ADC/DAC and has both line & headphone out and I suspect would do the job but it is again going to be easily pulled around.

    The Behringer VMX100USB is the closest to what I am looking for so far but the mixing element is never going to be required and it isn't really Living Room aesthetically

    I already have a VMX200USB in my office but its aesthetics aren't an issue there and its functionality is exactly what I need for that environment.

    There is a hole in the market here.

    Re-read the ART specs. It is an ADC/DAC
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