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    heck this is all Greek to me

    so y'all saying our SB radios will soon be bricks like almost all my Linksys. That why I bought all my radio to be used as a stand alone.
    there has to be a way
    why have a SBR if you have to have a laptop or monitor and big old computer running?
    thanks y'all
    PS can't even get local stations working. Cut even get AM radios working in the house.
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    It is possible that more station (or commercial groups of stations) will not be playable directly on devices.
    However, one of the big benefits of the SB approach is that you can run your own server at home on a tiny device and benefit from tricks performed in the server code by various authors that keep making great things happen.
    While that does not mean that all radio stations will live forever it does mean that a huge number do along with access to other music sources including personal collections at home.
    Paul Webster
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeanwedding View Post
    why have a SBR if you have to have a laptop or monitor and big old computer running?
    No need for a laptop or big old computer - a cigarette-pack-sized (are you allowed to say that these days?) raspberry pi is more than enough.
    "To try to judge the real from the false will always be hard. In this fast-growing art of 'high fidelity' the quackery will bear a solid gilt edge that will fool many people" - Paul W Klipsch, 1953

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