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    Nov 2012

    Squeezebox Graveyard

    Squeezebox V3 00:04:20:06:18:08

    2005 - 20.11.2017


    Passed on to join it's maker after a long illness of the display, her Network terminally broke.
    Survived by her sisters SqueezeboxV3 and Boom and brother Radio.

    Don't weep because it's over, smile because it happened.

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    My Condolences.

    Yesterday, my eldest SB3 was seriously ill,and it looked like it was terminal. No display, no sound, just a dim red light emanating from the back. As a last resort, we tried a new power supply, and the result was truly miraculous. Our home is once again filled with music and joy, just in time for the holidays.
    Living Room: Pi3 w/Allo Digione Player (Wired), Max2Play w/LMS Server 7.9 and SqueezeLite
    Pioneer Elite VSX 80, KEF LS50's, Paradigm SE Center, SVS SB12-NSD Subwoofer, Paradigm Atom v.5 Surrounds
    Harmony Smart Control w/Hub
    Dining Room: KEF Q100's
    Anywhere Else As Needed: Logitech Boom
    Router: Asus RT-N56U

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