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    QLogitechMediaServer for Qnap with QTS 4.0 or higher with ix*86/x86_64/arm arch

    Here you can always find the latest version of LogitechMediaServer for Qnap x86_64/*86/arm-41 systems with QTS 4.0 or higher. D

    IMPORTANT arm-x09/arm-x19 is still beta/EXPERIMENTAL !.( Would be nice i've you rapport if it works ? )

    [ QLogitechMediaServer ]

    ( A way to install and uses LogitechMediaServer, on Qnap Nas-systems with QTS 4.0 or higher and 86/i*86/X86_64/arm5te/armhf/aarch64/arm_64 architecture ! )

    It will install the latest LogitechMediaServer nightly (Unix Tarball (i386, x86_64, i386 FreeBSD, ARM EABI, PowerPC) version source on the Qnap, as can be found on the http://downloads.slimdevices.com website.

    Out of the box has support for, Spotty, YouTube, Radio paradise, SqueezeSonic, Shairtunes2 and MusicIP (MusicMagicServer). IMPORTANT For shairtunes2 to work, bonjour has to be activate !

    The only thing it supplies is a installation of LogitechMediaServer and a init-script so it will startup correctly. Startup commands for LogitechMediaServer, can be change if you’re a advanced user. The config file can be found in the .qpkg/LogitechMediaServer directory ( .QLMS.config), Read the PLEASE-README-FIRST.txt, included in the directory for more information. From version 2.00 changed, and does not depend on software of Qnap /QTS anymore. The command chroot and a proper kernel must be available in QTS. After installation can take a few minute, before you can access the webgui [port 9001], depending on how many plugins there are installed !

    From version 2.00.00 startup is optimise's, to run on a server/nas-systeem. Keeping track of resources and how heavy, other software is running on it. ( For advanced user, can be adjust in the file . QLMS.config )

    It's a standalone version, which does not need extra software like a Optware/Entware. Software like lame, mplayer ( wma support ), icedax ( CDDA2WAV ) and more is included. To give support one several plugings.

    Included in the installation is,

    Perl 5.24.4 with original cpan modules included. ( The arm5te has perl 5.20.4)

    Net-SSLeay-1.82. ( Build with openssl-1.0.2m )

    MusicIP v 1.8. ( Not included in the arm CPU's installations ! )

    From v1.07.3 MusicIP (1.8) is included, and when enabled, will run at startup of the LMS services. MusicIP can be enabled by adding a line [ MUSICIP=1 ] in the .QLMS.config file, or by doing [ touch .MUSICIP ] in the LogitechMediaServer/ directory.
    (Can be found in the resource-monitor of QNap, under QMusicIPServer if running!) The webgui is on ipnr:[10002].

    On every startup of the services, will check on updates for LMS. If available will be upgraded ( Official and Nightly ), can be adjusted in the .QLMS.config file.

    Questions or trouble regarding LogitechMediaServer itself , go to the SlimDevices forum website.

    More information on MusicIP, go to https://www.spicefly.com/ or http://forums.slimdevices.com

    No need to uninstall any old lms installations, from version 2.00.00, can be installed beside any other lms or perl installations.

    Developing was quiet a challenge to do, and took quiet a lot of times and investigation, trying and testing. Also had to go very deep, in the way Qnap works and the layout of their software and filesysteem, and how Linux operates. But i think have kicked it, and release a very nice way to let LMS running without any trouble's or errors. ( most of the old errors and trouble came from older or missing software in the QTS )

    IMPORTANT from version 2.01 add support for arm5te, arm-x41 and aarch64/arm_64
    Tested and working, musicip is not included !

    Installation is always on own risk!

    Still having issue's or trouble, please be very clear and try to give as many info as possible !.
    Keep in mind i only own a ts-453a to work with !

    No need to uninstall any old lms installations, from version 2.00.00, can be installed beside any other lms or perl installations.

    How to add the Qnapclub store to the QNap App center

    The latest QLogitechMediaServer version!

    ================= QlogitechMediaServer version 2.03.01 ===================================== 23-12-2018
    * Changed some small routines in the script, for better startup and cleaning.
    * Adjust some stuff on stop, for better protection of data in /share/.
    * Minor fine-tuning
    + The NORENICE option is disabled, now LMS will starts nice with same renice setting as script !
    ( Can be disabled in the .QLMS.conf file, if one doesn't like it ! )
    ( Through this will run a bit faster, and webgui will act a bit faster ! )

    ================= QlogitechMediaServer version 2.02.03 ===================================== 16-11-2018
    * Bugfixs release regarding time on some LogitechMedia devices, still where not getting right time !
    Should be fixed now. ( Localtime is no correctly taken from host system, Logitech BOOM )
    + Add support for x09/x19. IMPORTANT still in beta, using perl 5.20, because higher is not supported in LMS.
    Due to this limitation, includes programs, are not the latest !
    IMPORTANT arm-x09/arm-x19 is still beta/EXPERIMENTAL !.( Would be nice i've you rapport i've it works ? )
    * Some finetuning and small correction.

    Version 2.02.00 13-11-2018 :P
    ================= QlogitechMediaServer version 2.02.00 ===================================== 13-11-2018
    + Added support for aarch64/arm64 QNap nas-systems.
    * On some installations, the time was set wrong on Logitech devices connected to LMS.
    Fixed in this release. ( Thanks to oneshot for finding the solution ! )
    * Rebuild the chroot file-system, all used programs are the latest. ( all release are based on Debian stretch 9 )
    * All release's now got the same programs included like lame, ffmpeg, flac, sox, mplayer, mac ( ape ) a.m.
    ( Tested all plugins available, they al seem to work ! )
    + Now there is also a logfile for MusicIP, so you can check on errors if it won't start !

    ================= QlogitechMediaServer version 2.01.00 ===================================== 03-11-2018
    + Add support for arm-x41 and aarch64/arm_64 Qnap nassystems
    * Minor adjust on detecing if services is running.
    * Adjust file-system settings for x86_64
    * Small adjustment on optimization when running on nas.

    Version 2.00.02 28-10-2018 V. 2.00.02
    ================= QlogitechMediaServer version 2.00.02 =====================================28-10-2018
    * bugfixs release, now al the found mounting points under /share will be
    found in LMS. ( thanks to Don )

    + Now the x*86 version can also be installed on a x86_64 system. ( uses less memory, about 100MB less ! )
    + If you do ./QLogitechMediaServer.sh config, it will show you the cli options used for LMS to start with.

    ( Curious about the speed on the several Qnap systems ? )
    ( My LMS is faster then it ever was before ! )

    Version. 2.00.01

    ================= QlogitechMediaServer version 2.00.01 ===================================== 27-10-2018
    * Some user could not find there music files after upgrading to 2.00
    That's because they are symlink's in /share, and chroot can resolve symlink
    outside it's chroot environment.
    This release will solve this issue !
    * Some times a restart from the plugin pages, did not restart LMS again !
    Should be fixed !.
    * On some Qnap systems there was a writing error on the pid file.
    Is fixed in this release
    * Small change on the startup of LMS, sudo will start a daemon.
    + Now also external HD connected to the Qnap nassystem, can be found/used in LMS !

    Version 2.00.00

    ================= QlogitechMediaServer version 2.00 ===================================== 23-10-2018
    + After a lot of looking, reading, testing and find out !
    ( And took a lot of work, to find out, and programming !)
    + Proud to release a completely new version of QLogitechMediaSever.
    + It's a totally new layout and way of running the services on a QNap nas-system.
    + Due to the errors and trouble, on many older QNap model, which could not upgraded tot QTS 4.3.
    + From this version using to chroot command, to make sure the needed libraries and program's are available.
    + The basic is the same, but the approached is changed, and some new stuff is added.
    + Its still has support for MusicIP, Spotty, YouTube, Radio Paradise, SqueezeSonic and now also Shairtunes2 a.m. ( For shairtunes2 bonjour must be actieve )
    + Through this way could add libraries support for wma, icedax (CDDA2WAV) and many more. ( to make several plugin work )
    + Has been tested a several different QNap systems running QTS 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and even 4.0 with x*86 and x86_64 arch
    + The only program which has to be available on you're QNap is chroot.
    ! Please keep in mind, i only deliver the basic layout. The LMS software is always download from the official website.
    So any remarks regarding the functions of LMS, should be done in the slimserver forum.

    + Trouble on startup, please leave a messages in the QNap/SlimServer forum, included the log and log.err files.
    ( OLMS is the beta program of QLogitechMediaServer, can only be found on the several forum !)

    !! Important in this version, many things are changed. If you can't find you're music files, have a good look in /share/(depends on you're QNap layout)/.
    Mostly can be found in /share/*/multimedia or /share/*/homes

    For those who send me a donations, thank you, gives me a feeling that all the work is appreciated.
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    maintainer of QLogitechMediaServer, QOptware-NG and QAutoSub.

    Qnap TS-453a, with LogitechMediaSever 8.0.0 Nightly ( with spotty, youtube, Radio Paradise a.m. )
    Several raspberry with hifiberry amp+ and picoreplayer.
    Love logitechmediaserver for it flexibel way, to play music from different sources.

    Thanks for the DONATIONS

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