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    SB Touch - screen saver?

    Hi forum:

    One of my SB Booms has recently began to have intermittent screen blanking issues. In the course of looking into this (and discovering directions for replacing the screen that I hope will help me if my soldering skills are still good enough :-/) I have discovered that I would have been wiser to set my Booms and SB2s to turn the VFD screens off when not in use.

    While I know my SB Touch uses different display technology, I'm left wondering whether it might have similar issues in the long term. This has led me to notice that the SB Server Player Settings screen for the SB Touch do not provide any control of the screen saver, though this can be set on the Touch itself. Why is this?

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    As it's a LCD with backlight the touch doesn't suffer the same fate. They will go, but probably you will find the backlight starts to flicker when it's not at full brightness first.
    I don't hear of many touch with bad screens though, so I choose not to worry about it myself. I leave them on with a clock showing 24x7 when not in use.
    As for why some things are configured in LMS and some not, I think this reflects the relative sophistication of the SBT Vs the older devices. It is a lot more autonomous.

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    On a related topic I find that after an LMS restart the backlight of the touch will remain on even though I have my screen saver set to "Screen off". If I then touch the screen it will turn off completely after the time delay. The Duet Controller has a similar issue but it happens at other times as well.

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