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    Duet remote does not "see" my receiver

    I am helping a friend connect his duet and Touch receivers to his squeezecenter account on a Dell Windows 7 laptop. The Touch Receiver connected immediately, via ethernet, but I cannot connect the duet receiver. At home on my system the receiver has a "Choose Player" item on the remote but that does not appear on the remote at his home.

    I hold the receiver button down until it blinks rapidly but the remote does not offer a "Choose Player" item on the menu. I have tried a wireless connection and a direct connection to my router with same result. I brought the duet receiver home and it connects fine to my system, so I know the receiver is functioning properly and remote also.

    I located the duet receiver 6 feet from the laptop. The laptop wireless signal is turned on. I held button until it blinked rapidly, but I do not get the "Choose Player" item on the remote. Any suggestions?

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    You need to also factory reset the controller when you factory reset the receiver. You then need to setup the controller / receiver pair on your friends network. With the controller and receiver in a factory reset state you can then set up the Duet pair. On the controller it should start off asking you your language and then ask you about your network. After you've supplied all your network info (network name and security settings) it should ask about players. The receiver should show up by its MAC address rather than a name it might have been given. When you select the receiver the controller will transfer the network setup info to the receiver. The rest of the setup should be self explaining. If you have any other questions that aren't covered in the User Guide, feel free to ask.
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