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    Another Windows 10 problem

    I have my PC set up where i can switch OS drives easily. I have both a Windows 8.1 Ent SSD and a Windows 10 Pro drive, both are 64 bit OS. Logitech Media Server is working fine on the 8.1 OS, but i though Media Server is installed and appears to be running on the Win 10 OS, the Squeezebox cannot be found. All malware, antivirus and firewalls are turned off on the 10 OS but the player is not found (Squeezebox Duet). Any suggestions? (other than sticking with Win 8.1).

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    Does the PC have a static IP address? Have you tried power cycling the Duet and controller when you switch OS's? Have you tried resetting and reconfiguring the Duet when you switch OS's I've seen the Duet have issues when the server IP changes.
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