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    Very affordable pre-built RaspberryPi players

    As low as $79 (miniBOSS Player) plus international shipping:

    The BOSS DAC (BOSS Player $109) gets good reviews and they also offer a $169 player with S/PDIF output on RCA or BNC.

    Volumio OS has a plug-in for Squeezelite or try piCorePlayer.

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    How about a complete 30 Watt SB Touch with 7 inch touch display for $182?!

    And if you don't need the display but need 30 Watts out, the cost is only $103! (case, RPi3b, PS, AMP2 using piCorePlayer)

    If you just want Digital Coax and Optical out then only $83!

    Of course these would all be DIY, parts you assemble it.
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