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    Quote Originally Posted by mherger View Post
    > v2.2.2 comes with minor changes which I hope will improve the behaviour
    > on the announcements. They should hopefully no longer interrupt playback
    > in the middle of a song. Please let me know about your experience. Enjoy
    > the music!

    Argh... it just happened again... But I got a new theory. Stay tuned!


    Does this happen on a Touch? I have never experienced it.

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    [Announce] Radio Paradise LosslessStreaming (Plugin v2)

    > Does this happen on a Touch? I have never experienced it.

    Transporter and Squeezeplay on Mac. I think it depends not only on the
    player and its buffer size, but also on what kind of controllers you've
    connected. I believe that eg. using a web UI could worsen the issue.

    In general my code seems to be overly complicated, trying to be smart
    about timings etc. when most of the hard facts actually is in the
    metadata I receive from RP. I'm currently testing a much simplified
    version of the track handling. I'm just not sure I'll get the listening
    hours required to run into this issue over the weekend... I'll do as
    much listening as I can and will release for testing shortly.



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