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    Spotty with Spotify Connect and multiple accounts (Family)

    Is it possible to use the Spotty LMS Plugin with multiple Spotify Accounts? I already configured 2 Spotify accounts in the plugin configuration. But after enabling Spotify connect on one device in the plugin configuration, it only shows up in the spotify app of the first account.

    The credentials.json file in the cache directory of the /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cache/InstalledPlugins/Plugins/Spotty/Bin/arm-linux/spotty-hf shows only the first user.
    So I wonder if this is possible at all.

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    Spotty with Spotify Connect and multipleaccounts (Family)

    It's possible - under certain circumstances. Most likely Spotty fails to
    do local announcements in your network. If you checked Spotty's
    settings, that checkbox would be set (automatically - removing it likely
    won't help). This can happen when there's a conflict with other mdns


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