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There appears to still be a problem with timing / skipping:

On several occasions, a track has been interrupted by another starting abruptly in the 'middle' (or earlier, or later) of it.

This morning (UK), while listening on one of my Radios, Santana was interrupted by Talking Heads.

I changed to the AAC+ stream, and about half a track later the Santana track started. Eventually, the Talking Heads track came round.

I checked the playlist, and found that Talking Heads was several tracks ahead of Santana, and that Santana was anyway ahead of where the AAC+ stream had been when I started listening to FLAC (IYSWIM).
Hi - I still have the same issue. I think the common factor is that I'm also running LMS on a windows server (WHS2011). I have the latest LMS and RP plugin and every few tracks I get a skip where another song starts in the middle of playing something. I've got rid of just about all unused other plugins, but still have the same issue. The AAC stream is good but it would be great to use the flac stream reliably.