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Are you using Direct or Proxy Streaming?
WebUI->Settings->Player->[Audio]->[Streaming Method]

I switched to Proxy today and has not paused or stopped (but it is 'skipping')
Thanks Tony, Direct. I'll try Proxy.

I started experimenting today and found that if I start unsynched (on touch, RP main stream) then add a receiver via sync, all sorts of problems start to snowball, a sync where the main player pauses for sync, then only it resumes, and sometimes it resumes on a song already heard, frozen artwork, etc. and alot of button presses trying to get it to recover.

I'm going to play around a bit over the next couple days with syncing and unsynching these specific players with RP FLAC, other radio stations, my library, etc, even direct/proxy. If I can cause a specific issue that I can replicate, I'll report back.

With regard to skipping, you guys are hearing basically a song end prematurely and a new one starting? Are there other manifestations?