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    [Announce] Radio Paradise Lossless Streaming (Plugin v2)

    Enjoy the lossless Radio Paradise stream right on your Squeezebox!

    Many Radio Paradise lovers were ecstatic when they heard about the lossless FLAC stream they have offered for a while. Unfortunately it's not available as a simple stream - thus not available on your beloved Squeezebox. No more! I've added support for the FLAC version of Radio Paradise to my plugin. The stream is available from My Apps/Radio Paradise.

    If you want to add it to a playlist or prefs, use the url "radioparadise://4.flac".

    Please note that for technical reasons outside my control this "stream" can be off by a few minutes, compared to the mp3 stream, or even the RP website. In most cases I've seen the FLAC version was ahead of the others.

    And one more important note: you'll need LMS 7.9.1 or the very latest 7.7.6 to enjoy the greatness of lossless Radio Paradise.

    Thanks Bill for providing me with the information required to make this happen!

    (oh, and if you like what you're hearing, don't forget to give Radio Paradise some "love" - they deserve it :-))


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