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    24/96 files no longer play, even down-converted

    Hi there, I think this actually started a while back, but I don't have that many files above redbook quality, so never followed up, figured it would correct itself with an LMS upgrade

    I am aware that these will not be played natively via duet, but never a problem in the past. Right now, none of them play at all, 24/96, 24/88, etc. All are flacs.

    I am on 7.9.1.


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    What is LMS running on ? And what fileformat is the 24/96 files ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mnyb View Post
    What is LMS running on ? And what fileformat is the 24/96 files ?
    Ah, maybe that's the problem...it's an older imac (10.6.8).

    Files are all flacs.

    Thanks for the reply.

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    Huh, so I just downloaded the latest build of 7.9.1, & all seems well now with playing higher res files. Strange, they were still not playing when I downloaded the last build a few weeks ago, so I presumed something else was up.


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    Actually I spoke too soon! When I thought the problem was solved, I was playing back on my iphone via ipeng, & presumed it would therefore work when playing back from the squeezebox duet itself. But I just tried it, & it doesn't. No luck operating via duet remote either. All other files seem to play fine.

    Thanks. I'll post in the ipeng thread too.

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    Still having same problem, as above.


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