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    LMS 7.9.1 installed on Windows10 can not be found on network

    I have installed LMS 7.9.1 on a new Windows 10 laptop. The server is running without any error messages - but my apps (Squeezelite/iPeng/Sonicorbiter) can not "find" the Server on the network.
    I am at a total loss at this point since I can't even connect to mysqueeezebox.

    I would appreciate any help to get my system back up and running.

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    Disable firewall for testing on W10 box. If it works then you have to open some ports
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    Well here are a few suggestions of things to try, in no particular order.

    You say "new" laptop, did the Sonicorbiter connect without problem to the previous instance of LMS on what ever it was running?

    Do you still have the previous source that you could test functionality with.

    Have you changed the anti-virus on the "new" Laptop.

    As Edwin suggests, disable the firewall and see if makes any difference.

    Check on your router that the Sonicorbiter is on the network.

    Perhaps the Sonicorbiter is trying to connect to the previous "old" LMS.

    Can you reset it in the software or just unplug it for a while until it gets a new IP address (or switch it all off, reset the router, start the computer, make sure LMS is running, then plug the Sonicorbiter in again and reconfigure it).

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