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There is a way to MIP tag 24/96 flac files,
see https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthr...-Tags-for-flac

The steps would be use dbPoweramp (or Foobar) to convert to 16/44 flac,

MIP analyze and archive tags,

With the 16/44 files selected in MP3Tag, select File menu >> Export, where you can export tags to a text file.

Then, with the 24/96 flac files selected in MP3Tag, select Convert menu >> Text file - Tag, where you can import the tags exported to the text file.

I haven't tried it but a test on an album would be worth trying, after all it would be a once only exercise.
And same process for 24/192 as well I am guessing. Thanks for that, but a pity to lose the 24/192 and 24/96 now that I have them Will try it out of interest, though.

Cheers, David