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    Universal Remote codes for Receiver

    Does anyone know of, or know where on the forum, I can find the info for setting up one of the Device buttons on a universal remote to work with the Receiver power on/off? We have an A/V amp. In the morning, after listening through the SB Receiver, then changing to TV as the source, the Receiver is being left powered on. Instead of having to go to the controller, it would be nice to be able to use the universal remote to power on the TV and power off the SB, all on the one device. For instance, the Yamaha AV might be device code "01762." Is there any info anywhere on the SB products for universal IR remote codes? Thanks.

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    AFAIK the receiver has no IR sensor. On/Off is done via network.

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    That's right; I forgot. It is through the WiFi/Router or Nearfield Wifi, isn't it? Darn. Thanks.

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    Not sure if the hard and software is there to use it but there is connections on the Receiver board to take a IR receiver (I Assume)


    At bottom of page

    May be of use !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff07971 View Post
    Not sure if the hard and software is there to use it but there is connections on the Receiver board to take a IR receiver (I Assume)
    That would make sense. It always puzzled me that the Controller has an IR emitter but the Receiver doesn't have a detector. Actually, it would be even better if the space on the Receiver's pcb was for an IR emitter instead to allow the IR Blaster plugin to be used with the Receiver. Now, I have a Vishay TSOP somewhere...
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