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    Quote Originally Posted by drmatt View Post
    Not true. The issue is all client not router.

    Anyway in a remarkable coincidence it seems most hardware squeezeboxes use such an old version of wpa_supplicant that they are not vulnerable to krack ....

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    BrainSlayer of DD-WRT updated his firmware to fix KRACK vulnerability. If paranoid, hardwire SB to bridge.
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    Ok but fixing the router can't prevent your clients being exploited.

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    The faq seems to suggest otherwise, at least in part:
    It's possible to modify the access point (router) such that connected clients are not vulnerable to attacks against the 4-way handshake and group key handshake. Note that we consider these two attacks the most serious and widespread security issues we discovered. However, these modifications only prevent attacks when a vulnerable client is connected to such a modified access point. When a vulnerable client connects to a different access point, it can still be attacked.
    Update: The newest versions of the Linux based alternative OpenSource router firmware DD-WRT are not only patched against Krack, they also feature a selectable workaround to protect clients against attacks:
    Unfortunately this can cause interoperability issues and reduced robustness of key negotiation, hence the default setting of disabled.
    I have had this feature enabled for almost a day now, and I haven't noticed any ill effects yet. Naturally it's too soon to say for sure, but it looks promising.
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