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    Squeezebox / UE directly from DLNA or UPnP server?

    Hello all,

    I've got a UE Smart Radio that I've switched over to Squeezebox recently and would like to get it to see my music collection.

    My collection is on a drive which is attached to my router (DD-WRT) and being served via MiniDLNA. It works very well for my home theater receiver, computers on the network, etc.

    I am trying to get it working on the UE. Running a PC 24/7 just for Logitech Media Server is absolutely not an option (unless anyone knows of a way to get it working with DD-WRT.)

    Is there any way at all to get a Squeezebox to work with plain DLNA or UPnP? I recall doing it once before when I had the UE firmware still installed. But I honestly cannot remember how I did it, and all my searches so far have lead to dead ends.

    Is it maybe possible in conjunction with something like iPeng?

    Alternatively, is there any plugin that may be installed to Squeezebox to enable this?

    Thank you!

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    This is why PiCorePlayer exists..

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    The Squeezeboxes donít work without a server. Same for UE Smart Radio.
    Most of the functionality is implemented there, they canít do anything standalone.
    That server can be MySqueezebox.com/UESmartRadio.com but since these online services canít access your local network they canít see your DLNA files.
    With Logitech Media Server (not the UE variant) you can use a DLNA server as a remote library but thereís little reason to do so since you could have LMS index your files directly, itís much more powerful than MiniUPnP.

    As drmatt states, the server doesnít have to be a PC, a Raspberry Pi with Max2Play or piCorePlayer will do just fine.
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