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    Quote Originally Posted by adamdea View Post
    One could go on, but the gist of it is that the level of understanding of perceptual science required to see through the entire subjectivist canon is about the same as the level of understanding of physics required to understanding that cartoon characters do not obey newtonian mechanics.
    That's all well and good but what about quantum mechanics?

    Since we all know that to fully understand the mysteries of high end audio a full and thorough understanding and knowledge of advanced quantum mechanics is required. And once one has obtained this knowledge and understanding one will clearly see that the difference between objective and subjective is nonexistent.
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    The inpenetrable research paper...

    Quote Originally Posted by Archimago View Post
    Just reading from overseas... Thanks GE. Do you happen to have a link to the paper you're referring to? Maybe Arnyk can chime in here...
    Hi Archimago!

    Only just picked up your post, I've had a totally frantic week.

    Arny gives the links at the end of his post (#395) on page 40 of the "External DAC on Transporter: best output option" thread.

    Happy reading, don't forget to have some aspirin to hand ...


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