I need to send the default $params->{} that are received and processed by the default settings page handler to another custom page handler.

The default handler in "Settings.pm" is
sub handler {
    my ($class, $client, $params, $callback, @args) = @_;
    return $class->SUPER::handler($client, $params, $callback, \@args);
By a button in a part of the main page a value is set $params->{'value'}.
This value is received correctly in that handler.

I then need this in another handler in e.g. FileName.pm for processing the templatefile
sub handler_configFile {
    my ($client, $params) = @_;
    my $value = $params->{'value'};
    return Slim::Web::HTTP::filltemplatefile('page.html', $params);
For a to me unknown reason I do not know why the $params->{'value'} is not showing up with a variable in my custom handler...
What am I doing wrong here?
Is there anywhere some codepiece explaining how to get that working?